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Cover Styles

Cover Styles
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I make single covers, double or dual covers, calendar covers, checkbook covers, matching book cover sets, pocket book covers, paperback covers, and more!

Single covers
Single covers can be done on any book, from pocket size to large print
Free Personalization on inside of front flap
First Name, Last Intial and Exact Clean or Sobriety Date
is imprinted on all recovery covers

Single book covers
Hardback, Soft cover, workbook, composition books, pocket editions

Matching sets of 2 or more
So many combinations to choose from...
How about a Stepworking Guide and a marble composition notebook set?
You and your sponsor could have matching covers

Sets of matching covers
Must be ordered together for sets to match

Double/Dual Covers
Double book covers
To fit 2 different books of similar size in one cover
Dual covers hold two books in one cover, books must be same size or very close-Big Book and 12 & 12 can be placed together, Pocket 12 & 12 and Pocket Big Book can be placed together, also Basic Text and It Works-How & Why can be placed together,
Holds 2 books

Checkbooks and Calendar covers
Check book covers
Pocket calendar covers
I have done custom organizer covers as well as pocket calendars
Prices vary with size and design

Addict*Sponcee*Mother*Wife*Friend*Sponsor*Granny/Nanny*Leather Artist