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Just a few notes about me and the way I operate...

My Philosophy

My recovery is sacred to me,
and I feel my efforts in my work reflect my program.
I am sincere and honest,
and do the very best I can.
I know just how life saving
ALL my 12 step books were
and still are to me,
and how special my
1st leather book cover was.
I carried it proudly
for over 10 years,
before I even thought about making them myself.
I want every customer to have such pride in the books
they carry, read and study.
I pray over each and every recovery book cover,
while I am sewing it,
that it will cover a book,
that will be read, and in fact,
change the life of the person reading it.

Mmmm, not yet...

I am the sole owner and operator of my simple, however sincere business. I am the only one who does 100% of the work, and all of it is done by hand. I may get to the point where I need to some assistance to keep up with orders, but for now, my customers are content to wait patiently to recieve my work.

Granny Sharon
Leather Artist

My Company

I started making leather book covers after praying about what I could make and sell on Ebay, that would not cost a fortune to ship.
I always carried an NA text to meetings with a leather book cover that I had purchased at an NA convention years ago. God's message came in very clear one night, in a meeting, "You could make these!"
My husband of 30 years, had done leatherwork in his early 20's, so I asked him if he could teach me how to make a leather book cover. He was sure he could.
We purchased basic supplies and excitedly I practiced for weeks! Being an addict, my disease told me I would fail, so it was 6 months before I actually made my 1st finished cover!
I sold three covers the 1st week. It is now a year later, and I have sold well over a hundred. I have been basically self taught, through experience, after the initial lesson, I read books and went at it! I buy supplies and ask questions, but have never taken the formal lessons. When something worked for me, I continued to do it.
Many people wonder why I still hand tool all my desings and do not use presses to save time, and why I sew everything by hand without even an awl. It is because it's the way I do it-the way I put 100% of myself and my energy and love into my work. Machines would take away from that, and I do not look forward to the day I have so much business, I have to go there! I have confidence in my work, my product and ability to tool the leather. I take great pride in my work, my finished product and my repeat customers convince me that the work I am doing is awesome.

Married 30 years 7-22-2012
Sharon D

My 4 year old grandson took this shot of me

Please browse my Website and see if you find anything you like. If not, you can email me a design and I will quote you the price to turn it into the book cover of your dreams!


Thanks to everyone
who purchased one
of my covers and
helped me to
grow my business!

Addict*Sponcee*Mother*Wife*Friend*Sponsor*Granny/Nanny*Leather Artist