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Please, understand that every piece of leather is unique
and cows have flaws too,
so there will be some irregularities in the product.
This gives each piece it's own individual character!
Real leather is known to have scars, brands and even insect bites that can show when stained.
The longer I work with it, the more I love pieces with that sacred personality!

Shipping and Handling

I attempt to ship your order as soon as possible.
Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for the cover to be made and shipped.
Each cover takes approximately 3 days to complete from scratch, however, there are usually orders on the table before I can get to yours, not to mention I have been known to need a day to:
heal a broken bone,
to attend a sponcee's funeral,
to order new eyeglasses,
to train my new puppy not to chew leather,
to help someone move,
to work steps,
go to a convention,
help plan a convention,
visit grandchildren,
and other assorted life tasks. 
If you would like to RUSH an order, that can be arranged for a separate fee of $75.00, and for this fee, I will guarantee it shipped
within 7 days from date of purchase.
This is for all those wonderful recovering, procrastinators who need gifts for celebrations, and forget to plan ahead-usually my grandsponcees!
I ship all orders by Priority Mail,
unless you are in the
Woodstock, Georgia area,
in which case,
I can hand it to you personally,
which I LOVE to do,
so, I can see your face!


Customers often ask
what my return policy is.
Of course,
I aim for
complete customer satisfaction.
If you are not completely happy
with your purchase,
I want to hear about it.
If it is a mistake on my part,
such as the cover will not fit the book,
or the name has been misspelled
-due to my error-
I will redo the cover,
or refund your money.
if the design is not exactly like the picture,
that will not be reason enough for a refund,
as each design may be slightly different.
At times,
covers have issues,
and take on their own personality.
For example,
if a 12 step design ends up
with an error on a certain step,
we might need to ponder
...why that happened...

Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail at:

Addict*Sponcee*Mother*Wife*Friend*Sponsor*Granny/Nanny*Leather Artist